Ansys 15 crack with Download setup

Ansys 15 crack with it installation setup is here. Hey guys here is download links for ansys 15 with license manager. You can follow steps and crack Ansys 15 and fully Activate Ansys 15.

ansys 15 crack


Most analysts will agree that CFD is often regarded as an art because of its highly complex and non-linear nature.  We’ve all gone through the growing pains of trying to get a new class of simulation to converge, or even past the first iteration.  Reasons for this are numerous; sometimes it’s due to the underlying physics, sometimes solver design and limitations get in the way.  In the ANSYS 15 release, rather than introducing a sheer number of big flashy new features, ANSYS had put forth a massive effort in significantly increasing speed, usability and robustness for their fluids simulation offerings: Fluent and CFX.  At the end of the day, analysts can get their job done more efficiently and reliably.


Steps to Install & Activate Ansys 15.0 : –


  1. If you dont have this version of ANSYS get it via torrent at or magnet url for torrent. (Note – its 64 bit version )
  2. After downloading get Daemon tools lite for mounting purpose without which installing might not be possible (you can use other mounting tools of you choice) here or directly here .
  3. Install Daemon tools and be prepared for ANSYS installation.
  4. Open the folder i.e “Ansys 15.0 x64”


1 (1)


  1. Double Click on “ANSYS150_WINX64_Disk1”
  2. It will automatically get mounted (tested on Windows 7) and the following window will pop up




  • Click on “Run Setup.exe”
  • Click YES and the following window of ANSYS will popup



  •  NOTE : Only click on what is said and never INSTALL ANSYS Licence manager
  • Now click on “Install ANSYS products




  • Install as usual
  • Have patience as it will take time
  • After some time it will ask to Insert new disk or something similar to that.
  • but, We don’t have any disk
  • Go on to the ANSYS folder again


  • Double click on “ANSYS150_WINX64_Disk2”
  • In Similar way it will get mounted automatically
  • Click OK in ANSYS setup to continue
  • It will again take some time
  • After full installation go to “crack” folder in the ANSYS folder
  • Copy license.dat and ansyslmd.ini from “crack” folder to c:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\Shared Files\Licensing\
  • Browse through the path as above and do it exactly


That’s all Ansys 15.0 is fully activated now.

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  1. Hello 🙂
    It didn’t work for me, after all that, when i try to open workbench for example, it displays “ANSYSLI exited or could not read server port ANSYSLI_DEMO_PORT”

    Could you help me please ? I don’t have “Licence manager” but i have “licence preference”, i don’t think it’s the same and i followed all your instructions …
    Thank you

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