Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics is a core Mechanical Subject which is very interesting and hard. We have find out notes and ebooks for fluid mechanics below so check it out

Introductory Concepts and Definitions
Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics encompass a huge range of topics which deal with the behavior of gasses and liquids. In UE we will focus mainly on the topic subset called Aerodynamics, with a bit af Aerostatics in the beginning.

Mechanics: The oldest physical science that deals with both stationary and moving bodies under the influence of forces.
Statics: The branch of mechanics that deals with bodies at rest.
Dynamics: The branch that deals with bodies in motion.
Fluid mechanics: The science that deals with the behavior of fluids at rest (fluid statics) or in motion (fluid dynamics), and the interaction of fluids with solids or other fluids at the boundaries.
Fluid dynamics: Fluid mechanics is also referred to as fluid dynamics by considering fluids at rest as a special case of motion with zero velocity.

Hydrodynamics: The study of the motion of fluids that can be approximated as incompressible (such as liquids, especially water, and gases at low speeds).
Hydraulics: A subcategory of hydrodynamics, which deals with liquid flows in pipes and open channels.
Gas dynamics: Deals with the flow of fluids that undergo significant density changes, such as the flow of gases through nozzles at high speeds.
Aerodynamics: Deals with the flow of gases (especially air) over bodies such as aircraft, rockets, and automobiles at high or low speeds.
Meteorology, oceanography, and hydrology: Deal with naturally occurring flows.

Fluid Mechanics subject contents :

  1. Properties of Fluids
  2. Pressure and Its Measurement
  3. Hydrostatic Forces on Surfaces
  4.  Buoyancy and Floatation
  5. Kinematics of Flow and Ideal Flow
  6. Dynamics of Fluid Flow
  7. Orifices and Mouthpieces
  8. Notches and Weirs
  9. Viscous Flow
  10. Turbulent Flow
  11. Flow Through Pipes
  12. Dimensional and Model Analysis
  13. Boundary Layer Flow
  14. Forces on Sub-merged Bodies
  15. Compressible Flow
  16. Flow in Open Channels
  17. Impact of Jets and Jet Propulsion
  18. Hydraulic Machines – Turbines
  19. Centrifugal Pumps
  20. Reciprocating Pumps
  21. Fluid System

Fluid Mechanics ebooks :

fluid mechanics by rk bansal pdf


Fluid Mechanics Objective Questions :

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