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Machine Design by RS Khurmi free pdf is here. Download MD by RS khurmi ebook. Well I always like books from RS Khurmi, TOM by RS khurmi  is also one of the good book from same author. Machine Design by RS Khurmi contains 32 chapters and total 1251 pages. This referance book is helpfull though out your graduation. Mechanical Subjects like Machine Design and Industrial Drafting, Machnie Design -1, Machine Design -2 and Dynamics of Mechanics.

Machine design , Machine Design rs khurmi

Author:             R.S.Khurmi , J.K.Gupta


  1. Introduction
  2. Engineering Materials and Their Properties
  3. Manufacturing Considerations in Machine Design
  4. Simple Stresses in Machine Parts
  5. Torsional and Bending Stresses in Machine Parts
  6. Variable Stresses in Machine Parts
  7. Pressure Vessels
  8. Pipes and Pipe Joints
  9. Riveted Joints
  10. Welded Joints
  11. Screwed Joints
  12. Cotter and Knuckle Joints
  13. Keys and Coupling
  14. Shafts
  15. Levers
  16. Columns and Struts
  17. Power Screws
  18. Flat Belt Drives
  19. Flat Belt Pulleys
  20. V-Belt and Rope Drives
  21. Chain Drives
  22. Flywheel
  23. Springs
  24. Clutchces
  25. Brakes
  26. Sliding Contact Bearings
  27. Rolling Contact Bearings
  28. Spur Gears
  29. Helical Gears
  30. Bevel Gears
  31. Worm Gears
  32. Internal Combustion Engine Parts

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Pages: 1251

File Size: 22.2 MB

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  1. Really Bro this is incredible . I am in TY of Diploma & in this book there is all points which i will need in my next study.
    Thank You So Much…

  2. Thank You so much. I’m Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in Third Year of a Government College. I urgently need this book. No more words to say Thank You To You. Thanks.

  3. So grateful for this textbook.I used the strength of material(hard copy) by the same authors and i passed my exam excellently.Thank you sirs for making this download available.