Machine Design

Machine Design is the core mechanical engineering subject. The course aims to provide fundamental knowledge for analysis and design gear systems, Bearings, Internal Combustion engine components and cranes. Machine Design is inter-related subject to Design of Machine Elements, Kinematics of MachinesTheory of Machine

machine Design

Syllabus of Machine Design : –

Gear Design: Recitation: Classification of gears, Selection of type of gears, Law of Gearing, Gear terminology, Standard system of gear tooth, force analysis, Interference and undercutting, number of teeth, gear tooth failures, selection of material. Spur and Helical Gears: Stress in gear tooth: Lewis formula, AGMA bending stress equation and AGMA pitting resistance formula, Gear quality and selection aspects. Bevel and Worm gears: Specifications and design of bevel and worm gears.

Design of Gear Box for Machine Tools: Comparison and Choice of progression (Arithmetic, Geometric, Harmonic and Logarithmic), general design procedure, determination and fixation of spindle speeds, selection of the best structure diagram, selection of gear layout and ray diagram, determination of number of teeth on gears.

Journal Bearings: Classification of bearings. Journal bearing Types, Lubrication: types of lubrication, Lubricants, Effect of pressure and temperature on viscosity, Stable lubrication, Thin and thick film lubrication. Hydraostatic Bearing: Viscous flow through rectangular slot, step bearing, energy losses. Hydrodynamic Bearing: Lubrication theory (Petroff’s Equation, Reynolds’ Equation), Design of bearings with Raimondi and Boyd method, power and heat generation, bearing materials.

Rolling Contact Bearings: Classification, Static load carrying capacity, Stribeck’s equation, Dynamic load carrying capacity, Equivalent bearing load, Load-Life relation, Selection of bearing life, Load factor, Selection of bearing from catalogue, Design for cyclic loads and speeds, Bearing with probability of survival other than 90%, Selection of taper roller bearing, Bearing failure, Lubrication of rolling contact bearing.

IC Engine Components: Design of cylinder and Cylinder head, Design of piston, Design of connecting rod, Design of crankshaft and Design of valve-gear mechanism.

Design of Cranes: Basic objectives of material handling system, Types of load, Classification and application of various Material handling equipment, Basic principles in selection of material handling system, Classification of cranes, Stress analysis and selection of Hooke (IS 15560, 2005), Pulley System (hoisting tackle analysis), Steel Wire ropes: Classification and coding, stress analysis and selection, Design of Sheave and drums.

Books for Machine Design : –

Machine Design by RS Khurmi pdf


MCQs for Machine Design : –

Machine Design MCQ with Answers