Mechanical Engineering job interview questions answers

Mechanical engineering job interview questions answers are here. Check out some most commonly asked mechanical engineering job interview questions answers and refer it to gain knowledge and confidence. mechanical engineering job interview questions answers are collected from by referring many resources and with help of some books.
mechanical engineering job interview questions answers

 Mechanical Engineering job interview questions answers

1.          What is Sentinel Relief Valve?
Ans.     It’s a special type valve system. The valve will open when exhaust casing pressure is excessive (high). The valve warns the operator only; it is not intended to relieve the casing pressure.
2.          What is the difference between Specification,Codes, Standards?
Ans.     Specification is describing properties of any type of materials.
Code is procedure of acceptance and rejection criteria.
Standard is accepted values and compare other with it.
3.          Which is heavier 1kg Cotton or 1kg Iron?
Ans.     Both of them have same weight.
4.          What is Auto Dosing?
Ans.     Auto dosing is an automated system of feeding the equipment with liquid products. It is the ideal way to ensure the correct calibrated dose at the right time every time in auto.
5.          What is the difference between Sudden Force and Impact Force?
Ans.     · An impact is a high force or shock applied over a short time period when two or more bodies collide.
· A force which applies on the body (material) suddenly is known as sudden force.
6.          What is Geyser Pressure Valve?
Ans.     To release the pressure created inside due to evaporation of water.
7.          What is difference between Corrective actions and Preventive actions?
Ans.     Corrective actions are taken on discrepancies noticed during inspection of products/documents/process whereas preventive actions are taken to eliminate the possibility ofdiscrepancy in future.
8.          How do you know air is fully saturated?
Ans.     In its Dew point. (100% relative humidity condition)
9.          What is the function of scoop in BFP (Boiler Feed water pump) in Thermal Power Station?
Ans.      The Function of Scoop tube is regulating the varying amount of oil level in the coupling during operation of infinite variable speed.
10.          What is Operating Pressure?
Ans.      The amount of pressure nearest the point of performing work at the output end of a pneumatic system. The system operating pressure is used to specify the capability of valves and actuators.
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