Vernier Caliper least count calculation Method


Vernier Caliper is a precision instrument that can be used to measure internal and external distances extremely accurately. As a mechanical engineer we must know how to use vernier caliper. This instrument uses in QC in most industries. The example shown below is a manual caliper. Measurements are interpreted from the scale by the user. This is more difficult than using a digital vernier caliper which has an LCD digital display on which the reading appears. The manual version has both an imperial and metric scale.

vernier caliper least cost

Manually operated vernier calipers can still be bought and remain popular because they are much cheaper than the digital version. Also, the digital version requires a small battery whereas the manual version does not need any power source.



How to use Vernier caliper


A. The main metric scale is read first and this shows that there are 13 whole divisions before the 0 on the hundredths scale. Therefore, the first number is 13.
B. The’ hundredths of mm’ scale is then read. The best way to do this is to count the number of divisions until you get to the division that lines up with the main metric scale. This is 21 divisions on the hundredths scale.
C. This 21 is multiplied by 0.02 giving 0.42 as the answer (each division on the hundredths scale is equivalent to 0.02mm).
D. The 13 and the 0.42 are added together to give the final measurement of 13.42mm (the diameter of the piece of round section steel)

So for today this Mechanical Instrument is done. Next time we will learn how to use micrometer screw gauge till then stay connected ! subscribe

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