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Here are All the version for AutoCAD released up to date! Direct download links are provided to download full setup. You can find Product key for the software version in the table also a comprehensive guide on how to install AutoCAD without any hustle! Basically as an engineer we all must have an idea about what AutoCAD is and what it can do however i have written it in brief to let you give some general information. AutoCAD can create any 2D drawing and 3D model or construction that can be drawn by hand. The program also allows the user to group or layer objects, keep objects in a database for future use, and manipulate properties of objects, such as size, shape, and location.

AutoCAD has numerous applications in a wide range of fields. The program can be used for simple projects, such as graphs or presentations, or complex designs, like drawing up the architecture of a building. Some other practical applications may include:

  • Interior designs
  • Aeronautical designs
  • Logos
  • Fine art
  • Maps
  • Greeting cards
  • Engineering designs
  • Architectural designs


Main Features of AutoDesk AutoCAD 2021

AutoCAD has the goal of assisting users to design and prototype essential product parts like a wind turbine, aircraft, and car components. Additionally, this app assists in designing buildings, showcasing of sustainable and flexible infrastructure projects, handling of construction costs, and forecasting of project outcomes.The main benefits of AutoCAD include access to advanced modeling tools that can adapt to a variety of design requirements. Here are the details:


  • 3D Modeling and Visualization :
    To accomplish this, the 3D CAD app provides visualization and 3D modeling tools. One 3D CAD program allows users to add a myriad of 3D modeling styles and techniques to make real-looking models of products and its parts. The app also allows creating 3D solids, surfaces, meshes, and wireframes.
  • Photorealistic Rendering:
    On creating photorealistic renders of 3D models, AutoCAD can attach materials to 3D models and even add scene-specific lighting. Controlling the appearance of and lighting on the added materials and shadows of the models is also possible and provides better visualization of the concepts.
  • Solid, Surface and Mesh Modeling:
    Another 3D modeling tool in AutoCAD is the ability to make section planes. These planes are for creating cross-sectional views of the 3D models. Modification and adjusting section planes are possible to see the inner parts of 3D objects and allow users to slice through surfaces, solids, regions, and meshes.
  • Visual Styles
  • PDF and DGN Import/Export/Underlay:
    On importing and sharing data from PDF files, AutoCAD allows users to apply data from PDFs to their drawings. Importing 2D geometry, images, and TrueType texts is also allowed. AutoCAD also has the SHF text recognition tool that converts SHF-font text to a text object.
  • Section Planes
  • 3D Scanning and Point Clouds
  • 3D Navigation
  • Photo Studio
  • Base, Projected and Section Views
  • Text Settings
  • Data Extraction
  • Data Linking
  • Smart Dimensioning:
    AutoCAD also gives users the ability to change dimension settings such as manipulating the arrowhead style, lateral tolerances, and text location. Making dimension styles and applying them to all dimensions of the drawing is also possible.
  • Layouts
  • Layout Viewports
  • Leaders
  • Express Tools
  • Tables
  • Fields
  • Parametric Constraints
  • Revision Clouds
  • Collaboration
  • DWG and Image References
  • Import 3D Models
  • Sheet Set Manager:
    AutoCAD also has a strong 2D drawing tool that gives users a way to manifest Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and table data to their drawings. Importing data and formulas from Microsoft Excel is also supported. AutoCAD also adjusts the 2D table if the user has updated the Excel file such as adding rows and columns. On the other way around, the spreadsheet will also adjust to the table if it’s adjusted on AutoCAD.
  • Reference Navisworks Models
  • Ribbon Tabs and Panels
  • User Interaction
  • Tool Palettes
  • Dynamic Blocks
  • 2D Drafting, Drawing and Annotation:
    Moreover, AutoCAD can alter text appearances in 2D drawings. Through changing the text settings, users can change line spacing, font, justification, and even color. Additionally, when text settings are changed, every text object used in the drawing will also automatically follow when the settings are updated.
  • Command Line
  • Installation and Customization
  • Object Selection and Isolation
  • Multifunctional Grips
  • AutoCAD Mobile App
  • Geographical Location and Online Maps



System Requirement for AutoCAD 2020 [Windows OS]

Operating System Windows 7 SP1 or Higher
Processor Basic: 2.5–2.9 GHz processor
Recommended: 3+ GHz processor
Memory Basic: 8 GB
Recommended: 16 GB
Disk Space 6.0 GB

.NET Framework Version 4.7 & DirectX 11 also should be installed



AutoCAD Direct Download Links

Please note that these setups are clean and completely from Autodesk server No crack just 30 day trials that’s it!

Software Product Key How to Install Direct Download X64  Direct Download X32
AutoCAD 2020 001L1 Click Here Download Download
AutoCAD 2019 001K1 Click Here Download Download
AutoCAD 2018 001J1 Click Here Part-1 Part-2 Download
AutoCAD 2017 001I1 Click Here Part-1 Part-2 Download
AutoCAD 2016 001H1 Click Here Download Download
AutoCAD 2015 001G1 Click Here Download Download
AutoCAD 2014 001F1 Click Here Download Download
AutoCAD 2007 N/A Click Here Download Download


How to Install AutoCAD 2021 [Trial]



How to Activate AutoCAD 2021 Student Version for free

  1. The very first step to get AutoCAD 2020 for free is to visit official site – Click Here
  2. Next you have to create an account on autodesk site
  3. Fill Your Country, Territory or Region.
  4. After that select student in next row or as per applicable. Also select institution type in next field
  5. The next step is to enter your Date of birth. After entering correct data hit “next”
  6. In the next step you have to fill First Name, Last Name, Email and Password.
  7. Tick on terms& Conditions and click on Create account
  8. Now you need to check your provided email id as AutoDesk sent you a mail for verification
  9. After verifying your email ID you need to sign in to the official Site The you have to complete one more step; Enter Name of educational institution and Area of Study.
  10. After Completing above step click here
  11. Now Fill the version with latest AutoCAD 2021 Select Windows 64 bit and English as language. And Hit Browser Download.
  12. Thats all you just need to run installer package to install on your PC.


Free AutoCAD Practice Drawings PDF

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