Google vs Mac apps: What Do You Need More?


The apps market is overly dominated by Google and Apple tech companies. Well, choosing between iOS by Apple and Android by Google means making a choice between the App Store and Google Play or Mac apps and Google Play apps. These days, apps have become very important for users and that is one of the main factors being considered before anyone can consider buying a certain type of phone or computer. Experts from writing service companies say that Android has successfully and favourably competed with the App store since it has a lot more to offer. However, Mac apps are believed to take the lead in terms of revenue collection.

Even with all that, you would definitely want to know which between Google apps and Mac apps provide you with a greater experience, better titles and much more features. Find out more in here…Apps offering you a much better user experience than the rest will obviously be your number one choice in the mobile marketplace. For some time, the App store took the lead in the provision of many more apps than Google. However, things have changed in recent times with Google overturning such statistics despite the App store making a lot more revenue than the former.


Key Points to Note about Google and Mac Apps

Ideally, Apple usually has a quality filter which is not present in Google. For that reason, the APP store got a lot more revenue due to the many paid apps compared to the many for-free apps on Google. Even with that analysis, it is still not enough information to make you decide on which side to choose for the kind of experience you want. For one, more apps are free and at the same time ad-supported on Google’s Android.


A big percentage of the people purchasing Android devices are doing so because they are affordable and again, they don’t have interests in buying apps. All they want is an affordable Smartphone with the basic functions without having to dig deep into their pockets. That doesn’t mean cheap is poor quality. Google play users have had a good time downloading and using many more apps on play store. Typically, the interests are different between these two: there are those who use apps and wouldn’t mind buying them from the App Store. For Google apps, they come with a lot more advantages. This is because it rolls “Play” content – books, movies, games, TV shows, music and much more, into a central marketplace. This makes digital content shopping a seamless experience for users.


Divided Interests: For-Free with Greater Experience vs Paid-Apps

At the end of the day, it depends on what one wants: a developer would definitely go for App store for revenue on their apps but most users have made a preference to Google due to the flexibility in there and the chance of getting for-free apps that are still able to get them what they need. The only problem with the latter is in the idea that many people are not willing to buy apps and that now becomes a problem for the developers.


It is no doubt that App store developers get to earn good money with iOS just like those doing content writing jobs online. This is where most of their efforts will be. There will also be good apps on Google’s Android but users have to deal with a much bigger volume of low-quality apps than those using Mac Apps. iOS developers know that they will get money for making high-quality apps. But again, choosing between Google and Mac depends on what one is looking for. Both platforms offer great value for different groups of people.


Useful Facts between Google and Mac Apps

Those who have had a chance to use both Google and Mac apps, they would say that the latter boasts of a much-more top collection of quality apps. This is due to the monetary value attached to them. No one would want to invest money in low-quality apps. One can still get quality apps in Google and if that is all they need, they would forgo Mac apps or shy away from them because of the much they would be required to pay for them.


Again, Google still has its advantages on part of the app developers. They are quite a number. For example, app developers on this platform can respond to reviews by users, issue refunds by themselves and conduct staged rollouts for huge updates. Still, Google apps listing include any length of YouTube videos and therefore, developers get to appropriately showcase and give an explanation to sophisticated apps. With Mac, developers will only get clips of 30 seconds in length.


Preference for Developers and End-Users

As a developer, there are a lot of things you will be looking into but looking at Google and Mac, the latter seems to be more favourable to developers. However, no developer should be left to think that it is overly perfect for them. Freemium games are arguably the problem of mobile development. Again, the search in Mac’s App store is broken and can be somewhat difficult to locate what you are searching. This is unlike Google’s Android.


With Google’s Play Store, there are great features for users that enhance the shopping experience. On top of the long demonstration videos, users can also see download stats helping them know the popularity of an app before they can consider downloading it. Again, the “Users also installed” section helps users pick on recommendations made based on what others installed on their gadgets and much more.


Final Thoughts

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing between Google and Mac Apps. Looking at your needs and the ease with which you can get these apps, most users will go for Google Apps in the Play Store. Some developers will also opt for the same. There is everything that matters like discoverability and search in Google and in the general presentation. With Mac, there are quality apps too but at a fee though lacking in some ways especially in search.

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