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Heat and Mass Transfer by R.K.Rajput PDF, heat and mass transfer pdf is a very popular book for reference in engineering ,GATE and other examinations.
The book includes chapters on the basic concepts of heat and mass transfer, including topics like thermodynamics, modes of heat transfer and its importance. Thereafter, it is segregated into five parts, namely Heat Transfer by Conduction, Heat Transfer By Radiation, Heat Transfer By Convection, Mass Transfer,and Objective Type Question Bank. Topics like Heat Conduction Through Plane and Composite Walls, and Laminar Flow over a Flat Plate are talked about in the book., And other topics like Radiation Exchange Between Surfaces and Turbulent Tube Flow have also been discussed in detail.


This book is owned by very famous author R.K. Rajput who is very popular Author in Engineering book Publication industry.

Heat And Mass Transfer by R.K.Rajput Index : –

PART-I: Heat Transfer by Conduction

Conduction – Steady – State One Dimension
General Heat Conduction Equation in Spherical Coordinates
Heat Conduction Through Plane and Composite Walls
Heat Conduction Through Hollow and Composite Cylinders
Heat Conduction Through Hollow and Composite Spheres
Critical Thickness of Insulation
Conduction – Steady-state Two Dimensions And Three Dimensions

PART-II: Heat Transfer By Convection
Introduction To Hydrodynamics
Dimensional Analysis
Characteristic Length or Equivalent Diameter
Forced Convection A. Laminar Flow
Laminar Flow over a Flat Plate
Laminar Tube Flow
Turbulent Tube Flow
Empirical Correlations
Free Convection
Simplified Free Convection Relations for Air
Combined Free and Forced Convection
Boiling and Condensation

PART-III: Heat Transfer By Radiation

Thermal Radiation – Basic Relations
Radiation Exchange Between Surfaces
PART-IV: Mass Transfer
Mass Transfer
PART-V: Objective Type Question Bank

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