Today i am going to post my first Tech-Post. I am very much interested in Automobiles and its technology and i also make short project and research work about Honda 1.5L i-DTEC Diesel Engine so i start with this post. so here is short tech specification and advantages of this technology but before that let me give you brief introduction to Honda 1.5l i-DTEC Diesel Engine.
Honda managed to build a reputation for silent and efficient petrol engines. Over the years that reputation supported their sales until the price of petrol reached ludicrous levels. The diesel fad kicked in and buyers gradually deviated towards other brands while Honda stuck to offering only petrols. Seeing the need for an oil burner, Honda gave birth to the Earth Dreams i-DTEC engine with the Honda Amaze and the engine has gone on to power over 1 lakh Honda vehicles.
In 2011 Honda announced its next generation EARTH DREAMS TECHNOLOGY. Honda started to using 2.2L i-CTDi engine in 2003. 2.2L i-DTEC appeared in 2008 in European market.

The company began to use 1.5L i-DTEC engine in 2013. This was to be the company’s first diesel engine in the Indian market. With all redesigned parts, Honda’s new diesel engine is smaller and lighter, has reduced friction between parts and achieves greater cooling efficiency. This enables dramatic fuel efficiency improvements. Honda managed to dramatically reduce overall engine weight by making individual parts as thin as possible. After it market scenario change rapidly.

 Photos of Honda 1.5L i-DTEC Diesel Engine : –

Technological Specification of Honda 1.5L i-DTEC Diesel Engine: –

  • Honda’s new diesel engine is compact, smaller and lighter. The whole body of the engine is made from aluminum. Optimal aluminum engine provides better thermal managements that helps reach ignition temperature faster. The weight of engine is 47kg.
  • The 1.5 l i-DTEC engine develops a peak power of 100ps and offers a class-leading claimed fuel economy of 25.8 km/l. Key benefits of the engine are compactness, lightness, reduced mechanical friction and lower engine cooling system losses. The result combines fuel-efficiency with agile and exhilarating driving.
  •  A turbocharger that adds the extra air and boost.
  • The common rail injection system can deliver an injection pressure of up to 1,600bar. Coupled with solenoid injectors and finely controlled injection timing, the combustion process is more efficient than the earlier 2.2 l i-DTEC unit.
  • There are four cylinders & distance between the cylinders are reduced. The mechanical friction is reduced by narrow & shorter piston skirt. While optimizing the piston shape, the connecting rods too were lightened. A new high strength nitride crankshaft is designed to deliver higher strength, while lowering weight. Pistons, crankshafts and connecting rods—core engine parts—are smaller and lighter, reducing frictional resistance between components. This improves fuel efficiency performance.
  • The cooling system too has been modified to offer better cooling. Despite the engine cooling system being smaller than the 2.2-litre diesel that Honda used earlier in a few European models, the 1.5litre i-DTEC offers high efficient cooling system.
  •  In fact Honda has even developed its own engine oil. It is a new ultra low viscosity engine oil.

Advantages of Honda 1.5L i-DTEC Diesel Engine : –

  • Key benefits of the engine are compactness, lightness, reduced mechanical friction and lower engine cooling system losses.
  • Fuel efficiency of a i-DTEC engine is 25.8km/l is higher than any other diesel engine in its class.
  • It have better fuel injection system that makes combustion process is more efficient.
  • Low CO2 emission 94gm/km.
  • It have clever turbocharger.
  • Greater cooling efficiency.
The Honda Amaze and Honda City, both made their way into the top ten selling cars of July 2014. The sales were greatly supported by the diesel variants and with the Mobilio, Honda has clocked in over 13000 bookings, a great share of which came through from the diesel variant.
Though the diesel engine has boosted Honda to the position of 3rd largest car maker in India, the recent decision to hike diesel prices has seen a change in market sentiment. Honda tOo may face a customer engine choice shift, but the brand has an advantage of producing one of India’s most trusted petrols, the i-VTEC.
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