Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles – Toyata MIRAI

Until now, car companies have been slow to bring hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to market. But Toyota is working hard to bring the new and innovative conceptual car called Mirai (‘future’ in Japanese) to emerge the new technology as the next generation of green car.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles could change Mobility forever

Around the world, efforts are being made to harness the power of hydrogen,
the most abundant element in the universe. Recognizing hydrogen’s vast potential as a clean energy source,  Toyota is actively developing and producing fuel cell vehicles (FCV). We believe hydrogen can help us contribute to
the next 100 years of the automobile.

Concept of Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles : –

Hydrogen and oxygen from the air are pulled into the fuel cells in the FC Stack, and electricity is created through a chemical reaction. The result: a responsive—and emission-free—drive.
Through the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, fuel cell vehicles generate electricity to power a motor. Instead of gasoline they are fuelled by hydrogen, an environment-friendly energy source that can be produced from a variety of raw materials.

Specification of Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles : –

  • Energy diversification: – Hydrogen can be made using a wide variety of primary energy sources.
  • Best driving experience: – Smooth and quit, with excellent low – and mid- range acceleration characteristic of motor – driven car.
  • No emissions: – No emission of harmful substances when driven.
  • Can be used as a power supply: – Can double as a high capacity power supply during emergencies.
  • Performance: – Cruising range on par with a conventional gasoline-fueled vehicle; can be refueled in about three minutes.

Future of Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology : –

The Toyata Group as a whole is making significant advances toward implementing fuel cell technology in a number of formats. One example is the fuel cell bus, where Hino Motors is making rapid progress toward marketing introduction targetd for 2016.another is a household fuel cell developed by Aisin Seikiand sold since 2012, which achieves an impressive electricity generation efficiency of 4.5%. Toyata Industries Corp. is also Currently developing fuel cell powered forklift.

More about TOYATA MIRAI : –

The Mirai features the Toyota Fuel Cell System, which combines fuel cell technology with hybrid technology.
The system is more energy efficient than internal combustion engines, and offers excellent environmental performance without emitting CO2 or other harmful substances during driving. At the same time, the system gives vehicles convenience on a par with conventional gasoline engine vehicles, thanks to a cruising range*1 of roughly 650 km and a refueling time of about three minutes*2.
In addition, the Mirai can serve as a high capacity power supply during emergencies. It is capable of supplying roughly 60 kWh*3 of electricity, with a maximum DC power output of 9 kW*4. When a separately-sold power supply unit is connected, the Mirai converts the DC power from the CHAdeMO power socket located inside the trunk to AC power and can power a vehicle-to-home*5 system or a vehicle-to-load system. Consumer electronics can also be connected directly and used from the interior accessory socket (AC 100 V, 1,500 W).
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