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Mechanical ventilation can be retrofitted to almost every house and a large number of commercial premises to promote fresh air into spaces and then remove any latent heat. As previously discussed, natural ventilation is based providing fresh air to a building through openings such as windows and doors. The way it practically works will depend on the type of the openings and the layout of the building.


Excessive solar gain and cooling with natural ventilation

The big issue with natural ventilation is that with glazing causes solar gain and in the summer months if this is excessive, it can cause local discomfort. In this case, mechanical ventilation would be more effective because it provides a more homogeneous effect due to a more even distribution of air.

The other issue with natural ventilation is that it can lead to excessive cooling capacity of rooms and again this may be worse / better depending on the building layout.

Mechanical ventilation reduces noise and air pollution

Mechanical ventilation is the only option when the building is located in noisy areas or in areas where the local air quality is poor, and therefore the use of openable windows for natural ventilation is not a practical solution. It is worth noting that security considerations may also lead to the use of mechanically assisted ventilation in many buildings as it allows the units to be securely locked.

Download mechanical Ventilation PPT

basic modes of mechanical ventilation

ventilation system

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