ZWCAD vs AutoCAD : Comparison of two CAD software


Here is basic comparison between ZWCAD and AutoCAD. We all know about AutoCAD its a very good and user friendly CAD software. talking about ZWCAD, Generally speaking, ZWCAD is still not as strong as AutoCAD, mainly reflected in following 3 aspects:
1) User interface
2) Advanced management features
3) 3D modeling functions

The first two points are always AutoCAD’s advantages. But in recent 2 versions of AutoCAD, they starts to focus more on 3D functions and make a lot of new features and improvements. Such as point clouds, solid history, NURBS surface, and surface analysis, etc. All these features were only available in some professional 3D CAD software. But in AutoCAD, they are kind of simpler than in professional 3D software, and only providing basic functions. ZWCAD always keeps clear and simple with classical Windows style interface. Another advantage of this interface is that it helps to reduce system resources, thus need lower configuration of user’s computer, result in lower costs.
Secondly, as a 2D CAD platform, ZWCAD is always focusing on 2D drawing functions, as well as basic 3D features. It has little differences on 2D area compared with AutoCAD and can meet users’ demand perfectly. What’s more, in ZWCAD 2011, Table, Field, Mleader, together with the new Parametric Drawing tools, are all available to make your 2D drawing more efficient and precise. Besides, as powerful and professional CAD software, ZWCAD always keeps itself “fit”.

The size of ZWCAD installation package is only about 140MB. Even after full installed, the program is just around 300MB. Compared to AutoCAD’s large body over 4.5GB, it’s rather small. But ZWCAD provides almost 90% of AutoCAD’s functions, especially those frequently used ones. This advantage again can save the hardware and software resource for users to cut the cost. At the same time, ZWCAD never gives up its best advantage, which is cost-efficiency. You can buy ZWCAD with a relatively lower and affordable price with almost the same function as AutoCAD. It meets the designers’ demand as well as saves budget for the company. ZWCAD also provides wide service and support channels. Users can get local services from local partners and resellers, or contact ZWSOFT directly for further support via website, forum, online chat and email. All the support is free to every licensed or even trial version users.

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AutoCAD or ZwCAD +?

Because of the great similarities in the toolbar layout, property bar, and overall layout, at first glance both programs are very similar. No interface is the most important here, but functionality (number of features) and above all compatibility with dwg files. ZwCAD + has less features, but it is not very felt, because it has the features I need the most to allow efficient drawing. As every designer uses files uploaded by another industry, a very important feature of ZwCAD + is its compatibility – it fully supports dwg and dxf files made in other CAD programs, including AutoCAD files. An inherent comparative factor is also the price.In the Professional version, which allows, among others. 3D drawing should pay about 10 times less than AutoCAD . Which program to choose? The choice is yours.


Download ZWCAD vs AutoCAD PDF : A detail comparison




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